About Us

Welcome to 1-2-3 DropShot!  We are a family owned and operated business based in Scottsdale Arizona.  The 1-2-3 DropShot game was originally created as a gift idea for friends who had just completed a patio renovation, with a small area of artificial turf, that was just begging for a game.  After searching the interwebs for hours, we failed to find the perfect game that was challenging, could be played in a small space both inside or outside, and could be enjoyed by people of all ages.  Our search resulted in the usual suspects of cornhole, ladder toss, and horseshoes; none of which met our criteria.   So, we sat down and began making notes and sketches, the beginning of what ultimately resulted in 1-2-3 DropShot.  Lacking even basic woodworking skills, or any real skills at all, we enlisted our family member, David, who agreed to help make the first set of games. 

With the first 1-2-3 DropShot game in hand, we arrived at our friend’s house for a patio warming party and launched the first game.  We played for hours and quickly realized it was a game that could be fun for everyone of all ages, it was challenging, and could be played both inside and outside.  1-2-3 DropShot quickly became a favorite of friends and family, and soon started traveling to parties, tailgates, and events.  The more people played the game, the more they asked about how to buy the game.  This is the story of how 1-2-3 DropShot LLC was born, how it evolved, and while still in its infancy, we are excited about the early adoption and interest from friends and colleagues.


Dedicated to creating games that bring families and friends together for fun and friendly competition.

Our Commitment to Giving Back

The team at 1-2-3 DropShot believes that education is one of the best ways to improve our communities both socially and economically.  To that end, we pledge to donate 2% of our profits to support scholarships at community colleges for first generation students, veterans, first responders, and their families.

About 1-2-3 DropShot Game

1-2-3 DropShot is your “go to” party game and was created to be played by everyone, everywhere.   1-2-3 DropShot is portable, lightweight, challenging, and safe to play indoors or outdoors.  The game is great for parties, cookouts, campsites, family reunions, tailgates, or any event where people want to hang out, have fun, and enjoy some friendly competition. 

Better still, 1-2-3 DropShot includes three options for play:

  1. Traditional Rules: Play 1-2-3 DropShot traditional rules for some friendly competition.
  2. Drinking Game Option: Looking for a drinking game to turn up the party? 1-2-3 DropShot’s drinking game option is sure to add a little buzz to the party.
  3. Betting Game Option: Looking to get into your friends’ wallets with some friendly betting?  1-2-3 DropShot’s betting option adds a special layer of extra competition and excitement to your next party.