1-2-3 DropShot

1-2-3 DropShot is your “go to” party game and was created to be played by everyone, everywhere. 1-2-3 DropShot is portable, lightweight, challenging, and safe to play indoors or outdoors.  The game is great for parties, cookouts, campsites, family reunions, tailgates, or any event where people want to hang out, have fun, and enjoy some friendly competition.  

Better still, 1-2-3 DropShot includes three options for play:

  1. Traditional Rules:  Play 1-2-3 DropShot traditional rules for some friendly competition.
  2. Drinking Game Option: Looking for a drinking game to turn up the party?  1-2-3 DropShot’s drinking game option is sure to add a little buzz to the party.
  3. Betting Game Option:  Looking to get into your friends’ wallets with some friendly betting? 
    1-2-3 DropShot’s betting option adds a special layer of extra competition and excitement to your next party.  
1-2-3 DropShot: Played by Everyone, Everywhere

1-2-3 DropShot was created to be played by everyone, everywhere. The game is perfect for players 14 years of age or older, can be played inside and outside, and is perfect for tailgate parties, cookouts, outdoor patios, dorm rooms, bars, or any place where friends and family get together. If you have 7-10 feet of open space, set up your 1-2-3 DropShot game and enjoy some friendly competition.

1-2-3 DropShot:  Unleash the Fun

No more boring parties with everyone standing around staring at each other and talking about the weather.  1-2-3 DropShot is easy to set up, learn, and play.  Create unforgettable memories with family and friends, enjoy some beverages, make a few wagers, and unleash the fun! 

1-2-3 DropShot: Elevate Your Game

Add a little class and style to your next gathering.  1-2-3 DropShot games are made of real wood and sustainable bamboo cups.  They look great and are built to last.  No more dirty or messy games.  Be a trendsetter, your friends and family will treat you with a little more respect.  Let’s Play DropShot!

1-2-3 DropShot: Fun, Excitement and Good Times

We could all use a little more fun and excitement in our lives.  1-2-3 DropShot is sure to provide hours of good times with your family and friends no matter where the party takes you.  1-2-3 DropShot includes a super cool carrying case so you can take to tailgate parties, cookouts, the beach, campsites, or any event where you want let the “Good Times Roll".

Welcome to 1-2-3 DropShot

Let’s Play DropShot!

Unleash the Fun!

Friends, Family, Fun, and Good Times!

Elevate Your Game!

1-2-3 DropShot is made of real wood, with stylish bamboo cups, and built to last

Played by Everyone, Everywhere!

Perfect for tailgate parties, cookouts, patios, and players of all ages

Your Go-To Party Game

3 Options for play

Players Reviews


Absolutely love this game. We played for hours with our friends and family. Great fun.


I had never seen this game before, but now it’s one of my favorite games.


Good friends, cold beer, and 1-2-3 DropShot…we love this game.


Fits our patio perfectly. Plus, when we can’t play it outside, we can play 1-2-3 Dropshot inside


This is one of the few competitive games that the entire family, both young and old, can play together.


1-2-3 DropShot is easy to set up and learn, so everyone is having fun in just a few minutes. It’s a great family game for people of all ages.


Perfect size for tailgate parties


We had so much fun playing this game.

The Villages--Florida